I’m having one of those weeks where my mind feels like a hummingbird. I’m so scatterbrained, and every time I start a new 3 Chairs post, I freeze up, anxious to get back to what I was doing before, or what I plan to do next. Some weeks, I know exactly what I want to tell you guys — what I want to share, what I’ve learned. But in the past few days I’ve done a lot of impatient head scratching before jumping out of my seat. Bear with me, if you can — yesterday, I forgot I was making lunch as I was making it, and that is so not me, so I’m hoping this will pass soon! In the meantime, stay cozy!

Photo on 11-20-14 at 3.24 PM Photo on 11-20-14 at 3.24 PM #2

Photo on 11-20-14 at 3.26 PM #2 Photo on 11-20-14 at 3.21 PM #2

Top Image via Wit & Delight

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