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Every spring I go through the same agonizing, lengthy search for the perfect sandals, and I secretly love every wasted minute of it. Last summer, I ended up buying a pair of flimsy gladiator sandals from Ebay, which are cute, but quickly falling apart (surprise.)

A few weeks ago, my friend Rémy told me about Salt Water Sandals. My roommate in college actually wore them all the time, and they always looked playful and practical — something that would come in handy now that I’m living by the ocean, walking on rocks, and getting in and out of boats.

4 reasons why Rémy swears by them:

“They’re those sandals we all wore when we were little kids, and I was drawn to them partly out of nostalgia, but I also liked them for the same reasons that my mom was probably drawn to them when she got them for me — they come in a million colors, they’re cute without being precious, and they’re virtually guaranteed not to give you blisters.

They’re made out of leather. But it’s this crazy kind of waterproof leather (!) that means you can, theoretically, wear them while you’re scampering around in the waves at the beach. They break in almost immediately, but you can wear them in the water to expedite the process.

They’re crazy cheap, given the way they look and the fact they’re made out of leather — most pairs are around $30.

You can walk for miles. On the first sunny, warm day in NYC, I wore my new sandals and walked across the williamsburg bridge with my boyfriend. That walk turned into an 8-mile hike up and down Manhattan, and my feet didn’t complain once.”


SOLD. I love that they were originally kid’s sandals. I’ll be ordering a pair in red. Thank you for your insight, Rémy!

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