Rain on Snow

There is something cozy and cocoon-y about snow, the way it hushes the world around you. Rain does something different. A rainy day can feel languid, bluesy. Put the two together and an awkward dance ensues — snow surprised by rain, rain oblivious to snow.

The blizzard was almost a week ago, but cold temperatures have kept things looking pretty much exactly the same around here. Untouched snow drifts on the golf course have frozen into the most magnificent waves. The little table out on the deck still looks like it’s wearing the world’s largest chef hat.

But now it’s raining — rain warm enough to dot the snow with a million tiny pot holes. The main thing that’s throwing me off? The rain is loud, and it’s reversing that snow hush.


It’s the kind of weather that makes me want nothing but a great big hug…and maybe some buttered rum. I’m forcing myself to sit at my desk, which is proving to be a tremendous feat.

Stay cozy, my fellow East Coasters!

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