PMS: How Bad Do You Get it?

It’s common knowledge that PMS gets the best of us, right? Well, every month, without fail, my hormones go BERZERK. I have huge doubts about my career and my relationships, I’m tense and negative, and the tiniest little thing can spiral into a full blown meltdown. It’s actually kind of terrifying, and my poor friends and family joke that they have to brace themselves every month (Kevin will secretly keep track of my cycle so he knows to prepare himself). Seriously, it’s insane.

Well, guys…the app Clue is saving my ass. I read about it recently in this Nytimes article, and then immediately downloaded it to my phone. Basically, you keep track of your body throughout the month, logging when you feel stressed or bloated, happy or headachy. Through time, the app “gets to know you” and then can send notifications during peak cycle changes — when you’re ovulating, when you’re about to menstruate, when your pain tolerance is at its highest (random but good to know!) and when you might be prone to migraines. It’s kind of crazy how accurate it becomes, and it’s also SUCH a relief to check in and see why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. It even highlights when your PMS days are, so you can let loved ones know in advance : ). The app is super clear and easy to use, and it’s basically become my new best friend. I highly, highly recommend if you’re someone who dreads “that time of the month” like I do. That’s all! Xo

7 thoughts on “PMS: How Bad Do You Get it?

  1. I’m so glad you posted on this subject – in fact I thought you were describing me in the first paragraph! I become so doubtful and crazed… and last month melted down over a lost train ticket. IN public! Thanks Joy for sharing 🙂

  2. ok this is way too creepy I swear we’re in sync Joy! Lately my PMS has been going more berserk than usual – I’ve been crying over sad youtube videos and I downloaded the app Clue around last week to track when I become a emotional trainwreck haha!

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