Let’s talk about fashion fads! Generally speaking, I tend to ignore them. Birkenstocks, for example, are suddenly all over the place again, but I’ve never really liked the way they somehow make my feet look even wider — so I’ll probably pass on the birky train. Instead, I try to stick to what I’m instinctively drawn to, what feels like “me.”

But overalls are a different story. They’re taking over Pinterest, and I have to say, I love the way they look: tomboyish, playful, and super laid-back. Also, they remind me of Blueberries for Sal :). The more I spot them, the more they have grown on me.

I tried a few ones on at forever21 but they were laughably unflattering. So are they worth splurging on? Or has anyone found any cute affordable overalls?


Top image by Always Rooney, Katie Holmes photo credit unknown. 

One thought on “Overalls

  1. My BFF from high school has several pairs that she finds while thrifting! I know that’s not the best answer since it requires you to rummage but it does mean they stay affordable 🙂

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