Our Trip to Florida

Last week, Kevin and I left chilly Cape Cod for a vacation in Florida. I had been eagerly looking forward to this trip since we booked it, so come 4am on Tuesday morning, I actually sprung out of bed. (Initially, we were a little worried that booking an April vacation would mean leaving a sunny and warm Woods Hole, but it was snowing as we drove in the dark to Boston airport. Yeah.)


We stayed at the Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa. When we arrived, the sun was bright in the sky, and we immediately scarfed down a turkey burger and caesar salad while we waited for our room. It felt weird sitting in a t-shirt and jeans among the tanned bikini-clad vacationers –we were those pale and blinking newcomers who had just hours before scraped ice off of our car.



The view from our room wasn’t too shabby…


Of course we immediately hit the beach.


The next day was windy and overcast, so we bummed around, watched tv, and then took a long walk down the beach. Kevin did the honors of finding and cutting open a coconut…




Mission accomplished (and you better believe he brought that coconut back to the Cape). Ordering greasy pepperoni pizza was a genius move on the second night when we didn’t quite feel like another resort meal. We got the “Grandma’s style” which had extra sauce…so good.


By the third day (Kevin’s birthday!) we woke up and the sun was shining. Also, I felt like I could finally relax. I forgot that the first two days of vacation are always those weird in between days where you’re HAPPY you’re vacationing but your mind is still replaying that last work email.


As we laid by the pool I realized: I was envious of the kids splashing around in the water. They looked like they were having so much fun (way more fun than their parents) — shrieking with glee and making up games — I had to remind myself that I wasn’t ten anymore. It made me remember being that age and having the ultimate time of my life doing something as simple as Marco Polo.


Side note: I felt super glamorous in my wide-brim hat (from Aerie!).


For dinner, we got dressed up and left hotel grounds to try the Rusty Hook Tavern just five minutes down the road. The atmosphere was bustling and festive when we arrived.


Also…the food was incredible.


Kevin got a whole fried snapper and I got a cheeto-crusted mahi sandwich which I already posted on Instagram because I’ve thought about it every 15 minutes since.




I highly recommend it, if you’re ever in the area. Not an ounce of food remained :). Such a good and rejuvenating trip. Now back to reality!

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