Our Guest

This week, Juniper and I have a guest visiting: 11 month old Bruno — the sweetest, goofiest ridgeback mix with the world’s floppiest ears. The two of them are having a BLAST together.

They are such great company, and it’s a treat having an extra dog around, but I also kind of feel like I’m chaperoning teenagers on a field trip to 6 Flags. This morning, for example, I caught them rummaging through the recycling bin like a pair of raccoons, and yesterday evening I made the mistake of leaving the bathroom door ajar as I sunk into a hot bath, and the two of them immediately came barging in, all “HEYYY, WHERE’S THE PARTY AT?”

But then they do incredibly sweet, hilarious things, like chuck a piece of ice at each other (YOU’RE IT. NO YOU’RE IT. NO YOU’RE IT), or pass out cold in the back seat on the ride home, all legs and gigantic paws, and it’s hard not to completely and totally love them.

I mean, come on. Look at those faces.

3 thoughts on “Our Guest

  1. I’m a new reader (via A Cup of Jo, of course 😉 and I love hearing all about your adventures with Juniper. What a sweet pup! Also, what a lovely blog. You have inspired me to (maybe) visit my own (albeit neglected) blog and just write next time I have a free moment.

    • hi Isabel!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Juniper posts. Sometimes I get a little worried that no one wants to know about my dog (besides my mom, ha) — so it makes me so happy that you love hearing about her :). P.S. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will keep my eye out for a new post!! Really enjoyed reading through the old posts.

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