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From the second that I could write, I journaled. All through middle school, high school and college I kept it up (especially in college). And then randomly, a year ago, I stopped. It wasn’t intentional — I think I just finished a journal and didn’t order a new one. But while I was home last week, I flipped through a few from looong ago, and started to really regret dropping the habit. I can go back in time and read a page from an old journal and immediately remember writing it, remember the emotions, even the exact spot where I was sitting — it’s all still so vivid.  I haven’t recorded anything in the last two years, and that makes me kind of sad, but at the same time I’m writing so much these days that I don’t know if I can stomach much more. And THEN (light bulb), my friend Rémy was telling me about her one-line-a-day journal, and that sounds so perfect. She says:

I’m not a journaler, but I’ve always envied the effects of journaling —  having a written record of my day-to-day. My one-line-a-day journal has been revelatory because IT MEANS I CAN HAVE BOTH: it gives me a chance, each day, to reflect on what I did or thought about; but then it also gets me to be economical in my recountings, to think deliberately about what I want to record for posterity. And perhaps the best, most delightful thing of all is getting to circle back to past entries and see what I was doing exactly a year ago. Coming back to a particularly hard day and thinking of how much things have changed, coming back to a joyful moment and being able to relive it, discovering patterns from one year to the next — it’s such a beautiful and easy way to keep track of my life.”

Sold. I really like the idea of recording just one thought each day — that’s something that I can muster, even after a long day of writing. I’m going to order mine this weekend. This one cracked me up – the sentence example is, “I LOVE IT WHEN IT RAINS!”

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2 thoughts on “One-Line-a-Day Journals

  1. Obviously I love this. Journaling is a great habit, one I also have difficulty finding the time for. But this is a great solution, and certainly a challenge that might take some getting used to at first (so much pressure!)

    Kim | Through the Reels

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