On Reading People’s Faces

If you have five minutes today, check out this article from the Atlantic. It’s so fascinating — and talks about how we perceive people to be a certain way (reliable vs unreliable, introverted vs extraverted, and so on) based on the way they hold their face. It reminds me of how, every time I’m about to enter a party filled with people I don’t know, I stop briefly at the door and then enter the party with the most open, friendly and confident expression I can muster. In actuality, I’m dying a little inside (by default I’m kind of shy), but I’ve noticed that shyness in other people can often come across as bitchiness or coldness, so I make an extra effort to lift as many walls as possible. Plus, it immediately makes me feel more confident, just like going around smiling all day is supposed to lift your mood (which sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?)

p.s. on thinking I was an introvert and how to be more confident.

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