On My Mind

It’s freezing cold out, my mind is unsettled, and it’s only Monday — so let’s just catch up a little, shall we?


My friend just showed me the website Getaway House, a company like Airbnb, for quick overnight escapes. It sounds so nice to wake up in the woods (but with a toilet!), and I’ve been curious to try out a Tiny House. Would I feel claustrophobic, or zen? They provide coffee and marshmallow sticks, and you can bring your pet. Locations are currently outside Boston and New York. I’m tempted to book a night!


This morning, Serious Eats came out with their newest recipe: a three ingredient stovetop Mac and Cheese. It looks easy and old school — I can’t wait to try it this week.


Meryl Streep gave a great speech at the Golden Globes. It was empowering and brave and political (rando fact: Meryl’s brother was my brother’s homeroom teacher in high school. They called him Mr. Streep!).

Lastly: How to say no. It’s just the change of one word. Thoughts? And do you have a hard time saying no?

Top image via Style Attitude

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