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Margaret Glaspy. I love her raspy voice, described as both “gnared and feather-light.” Her whole album is on Spotify — I’ve been listening to “Anthony” on repeat. Good cooking tunes.

Speaking of cooking, I’m trying out this vegetarian coconut curry tomorrow. It looks tasty, healthy, and filling. Also — yay for budget friendly cooking.


Have you heard of Raw Sauce? I hadn’t, but noticed it in the check out section of Sephora and grabbed a travel size bottle. The packaging got me first, the promise of instant hydration and an even skin tone second. A serum/toner hybrid, it glides on like silk and settles into the skin beautifully. I noticed a difference almost immediately — googling it confirmed there’s a cult following for this stuff, which is made almost entirely of TREE SAP. Sounds weird, but it’s my new holy grail product. I’d highly recommend it if your skin is feeling blah and winter-ed out.


Things you deserve, lest you should ever forget it:

tumblr_og8yeuxKlD1qels5uo1_500Lastly, good news: apparently, the most effective way to boost your mood is to simply…can you guess it?

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  1. Joy, your music recommendations are always the best! You’ve got great taste in soulful female musicians (you turned me on to Emily King from an old post too). Thanks so much, keep doing what you do 🙂

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