On Missing New York

Cape Cod is undeniably beautiful right now. Little fall berries are popping up everywhere, the sun still lingers into the evening, and the ocean, although a bit chillier, is crystal clear and inviting on a hot morning. It really is the best time of year, and I love how you can sense people cherishing it.

Every once in a while, though, I feel a pang of homesickness. New York City fills my mind, and especially on rainy days like today, I can almost smell the wet concrete (call me crazy, but I love it!). There really is no replacing the endless people watching, the energy in a crowd, the sound of music in an echoey subway tunnel. These photos, although dark and moody, make me even more nostalgic for the city.



Speaking of home, I’m intrigued by this perfume, based out of Brooklyn, which supposedly smells like a New York City park. The top notes are blood orange, salt meadow grass, honeyed jasmine, and hyacinth leaves — I’m dying to try it now.

Who’s feeling homesick today?

Photos by Julian Goldstein

5 thoughts on “On Missing New York

  1. ugh definitely feeling homesick as well! just moved abroad (from brooklyn) and its always hard saying good bye to the people and places you see on a daily basis ):

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