My New Obsession: Scary Podcasts

I am a total wuss when it comes to anything remotely scary, but for some inexplicable reason, I’ve been hooked on the spooky podcast, This is Criminal. It’s not scary in the WHAT’S-BEHIND-THAT-CLOSET-DOOR sense, it’s more psychologically suspenseful like those crime mysteries on 20/20. Basically, I can listen to them home alone at night while folding laundry and not be too scared to go downstairs for water. To start, try episode one, twenty, twenty five, and thirty eight — those were my favorite.

Now that I’m on a scary podcast tear, I did a little research. The Black Tapes, Lore, and Sword and Scale are all supposed to be good. What have you been listening to these days?

5 thoughts on “My New Obsession: Scary Podcasts

  1. “Criminal,” “Lore, and “The Memory Palace” are my top three podcasts right now.

    I’ve listened to all but the latest episode of “Lore” and I can say that episode 2: “The Bloody Pit” has been the creepiest one of all. It haunts me to this day. For me, episode 22: “Over the Top” (about Spring-Heeled Jack) was the most fascinating.

    I really enjoyed episode 12: “These Words, Forever,” by “The Memory Palace.” I like that their episodes are so short, for when I need a quick podcast fix.

  2. “The Black Tapes” is so good! The same radio group also does “Tanis” which is definitely more confusing but still weirdly eerie.
    “Limetown” is also really suspenseful and interesting!

  3. If you’d like you’d like true crime The Generation Why podcast is awesome. I’m a big fan of criminal too!!!

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