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Have you guys seen the new Netflix drama/thriller series “Bloodline?” It seems to have popped up out of nowhere, and I’m completely obsessed.

The show takes place in sunny Florida Keys, and centers around the intricate inner lives and secrets of the Rayburn family. As this Nytimes reviewer puts it: “This Netflix series isn’t a sensitive portrait of the richness of family ties. “Bloodline” is a sneaky, dissembling film noir account of a sneaky, dissembling family.”

I agree, but I would also add that the sneakiness, for the most part, isn’t off-putting — it doesn’t make you resent the characters, it pulls you in. In fact, despite there being a fair share of lies and backstabbing, I still find myself rooting for everyone, and sympathizing with all of them — including the conniving villain brother (played by Ben Mendelsohn), whose malevolence is wrapped up in the most disarming charm.


It also doesn’t hurt that the show transports you to sunny porches and breezy docks and late night fish dinners (come on spring, let’s work together here!!). Even though you know something terrible is going to happen, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that everyone is in linen shirts and sundresses. I’ve been watching two episodes a night, and now I think I have to cut it down to one so the season lasts longer.


Yes, that’s Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights and Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks. They are siblings in this show. That’s the icing on the cake :).

Has anyone been watching it? I’m hooked!

If you have a Netflix account, you can watch the show here.

3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Show

  1. I’ve been watching and am equally hooked! I started because of Coach Taylor (OBV) but I really like all the characters. So glad to know someone is sharing my obsession. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh – I have to thank you for this recommendation – I fell in love with this show! Wow, its really different from so many other shows on TV and I agree with you, all the characters are fascinating and compelling. They’re simultaneously relatable and perplexing… GREAT RECOMMENDATION!

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