My New Commute

Now that I’m in NYC, I have a lengthy commute to work (let’s just say it’s over an hour). BUT. It involves the Staten Island ferry! I’d never been on it before, and during my first trip I could not wipe the grin off my face. It kind of feels like a good omen, that despite leaving Cape Cod and its rocky beaches, I find myself on the water again, except this time I’m speeding past the Statue of Liberty. Last night, as we pulled up to the dock and Manhattan’s skyline glittered against the dark sky, it just felt…right, like New York was saying, “You wanted to come back to me, well. Here. I. am.”

This might still be the honeymoon phase still talking, but in some ways, I find myself soaking in the commute, even rush hour. All these thousands — no, wait, millions, of people going to work, going home, just living their lives in one way or another. As I stood shoulder to shoulder with fellow New Yorkers on a crowded subway last week, I felt a great sense of pride and camaraderie. Like — we’re in this together! We can do this! We are doing this! I don’t think I realized how much I missed that feeling when I was working as a freelance writer at home. Of course, the drudgery of rush hour is no joke, but for now, I’m keeping these rose colored glasses on, knowing they won’t stick around much longer :).

Speaking of commutes, has anyone been listening to any good podcasts recently? My go-to’s are: My Favorite Murder, Dear Sugars, How I Built This, This American Life, Criminal, and more recently, Dear John. Would love to hear your recommendations!

12 thoughts on “My New Commute

  1. I LOVE the ferry! I haven’t been taking it since it became a little crazy for my leg of the commute over the summer, but it is hands down the best way to travel to and from work. So glad you’re enjoying!

  2. I feel the same way about my commute – although I wish it were on a boat!!

    I really like the New York Times podcast Still Processing! xx

  3. Will you share about your experience commuting to work with public transportation? Do you forgo heels or dress differently, any tips or tricks to arrive to work looking fresh?

  4. Your commute seems so much better than mine!! Also over an hour but its just traffic (los angeles). But it gives me time for podcasts. My latest favorites besides somw of the ones you have mentioned are deadly manners, planet money, and science vs. This is an older one but have you tried S Town? SO GOOD.

    • S Town was AMAZING! I had a grieving period of like a week after I finished it because I wanted more!! p.s. I’ve never been to LA, so I always picture the opening scene of La La Land when someone mentions the traffic, ha.

  5. I LOVE how much you love your communal commute!! Growing up in LA, I NEVER got that feeling of rush hour camaraderie because everyone was in their separate cars, waging a thousand individual wars on the highway instead of accepting the communal fate of traffic. When I moved downtown for college and started taking the LA metro (the only one of my friends without her own car), everyone thought I was insane for liking that dirty, smelly, forgotten system so much. But that is where I really fell in love with LA, where I began to feel a sense of community, and where I encountered people I never would have crossed paths with above-ground. Now, everywhere I travel or live, public transit is the first thing I look up. Is there any better way to understand the humanity of a city?! (Also, I am loving A Way with Words, Lexicon Valley, and Stuff Mom Never Told You for my commutes.) Thanks for such a lovely post!

  6. I LOVE the Staten Island Ferry!! When I first moved to the city I used go a lot. I loved it because it was free and you could drink a beer.
    It felt like this secret treat 🙂 There was also this AWESOME consignment store I used to go to that was a couple blocks away from the ferry. I don’t know if it’s still there, but I snagged a bunch of really good finds there. There’s also Enoteca Maria which has Italian grandma’s on the staff cooking for you, and they’re completely adorable. The food is yummy too!

    • It is totally like a secret gem in NYC! I will have to check and see if the consignment store is still there…my office goes to Marie 2’s every friday for pizza (it’s AMAZING) and looks like it’s right near Enoteca Maria’s — will have to check that out!! XO

  7. I’m starting a new job in two weeks and I think I’m more excited about the new commute (walking!) than anything else. I only got into My Favorite Murder about two months ago and I’m loooooving playing catch up. The episodes are so long! It’s perfect.

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