My Four Go-To Fall Outfits

When I first began working from home, I would stay in my pjs all day. To walk Juniper, I would throw on an old pair of Uggs. It made me feel like I was a college student walking to class. And then, one day, my neighbor unexpectedly stopped by, and before answering the door I looked down and panicked — I was wearing sweatpants, a camisole, a bathrobe, and a scarf. I looked crazy. Since then, I make an effort to get dressed everyday, to wear the clothes I would love to wear if I worked in a (casual) office. I think I actually get more work done if I’m wearing jeans. Is that crazy?

Below, four of the outfits I wear all the time, and some of my favorite fall basics:



I’m obsessed with this denim shirt from Gap, which is sturdy and comfy and looks surprisingly good with blue jeans, too. The leopard print loafers just make me happy every time I wear them.

(denim shirt: Gap, similar one here. jeans: Zara, similar ones here. loafers: Madewell, similar ones here)



Although I can only wear a hat for about an hour before throwing it off, I love how glamorous it makes me feel. The jeans are sexy destructed boyfriend jeans from Gap a few years back (I love them. Similar ones here.)

(hat: Zappos. Similar style here. sweater: Forever21, similar style here. booties: Madewell, similar ones here.)



I’m all about the big, wrap around infinity scarves. I’ve found that if my neck is warm, then the rest of my body is happy. My friend always jokes that I’m constantly hiding a hickey.

(flannel: H&M, glasses: Warby Parker, jeans: Madewell, scarf: Gap, similar here.) 



I’m not hugely into accessories, but doing little things like putting on lipstick always makes me feel legit. Heat Wave from Nars has a cult following and looks crazy different on everybody, which I love. I will wear lipstick to the grocery store if I feel like it!

(sweater: Ralph Lauren, white jeans: Loft)

And there you have it! I pretty much mix and match these outfits all week. I stay away from skirts/dresses in the fall because tights drive me NUTS. : )

P.S. Four tips for online shopping, the perfect navy sweater, and what it feels like to dress up on Cape Cod.

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  1. who took these marvelous photos!?!? you are so good at looking at ease in front of the camera/they were so good at putting you at ease/y’all make a good team 🙂

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