My Favorite (Quick) Mental Health Booster

Do you ever take a break from your iPhone? I always try to leave my phone at home when I go for walks with Juniper, but besides that — it generally goes where I go. Sometimes I even wake up and its wedged under my pillow or in between my sheets. Yikes.

Recently I’ve realized something that kind of scares me: my phone directly affects my mood. When I spend all day with it next to me, I’m much more anxious than when it’s in another room, away from my direct view.  And since I work from home, I’m checking my phone 3 million times a day. I send texts, I wait for texts, I scroll through instagram, I play Pandora while I do dishes. It just can’t be good for you.

So, I’ve started this little rule for myself: my phone and I are never on the same floor. If I’m upstairs, I leave it on the table downstairs, and vice versa. It sounds silly, but it’s actually helped so much, and has drastically improved my mood.  When I need a break and feel like checking my phone, I have to make a trip out of it. I refill my water glass, snack on some peanuts and then I check my phone. The weird thing? I don’t miss it at all. I feel like I’ve just done something very good for myself, and I highly recommend giving it a try (even leaving it in another room would do the trick, I think!)

Would you try it?

Image by Rifle Paper Co from The Handmade Lover 

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