Movie Night

When I was 16 years old, I liked this guy in my grade named Ian. We sat next to each other in math class, nodded hello in passing down the halls, and sometimes ran into each other waiting for the subway. He was funny and sweet and awkward. And then, about halfway through the school year, a rumor started circulating that we were dating, and it totally threw me off. I liked him, sure, but I didn’t like him that much, I just “really liked him as a friend.” I didn’t know where he stood, either — we didn’t talk about the rumor, and whenever I saw him with another girl he always ignored me.

So…I invited him over for a movie. I figured watching a movie together would clear the air. My 16 year old brain assumed that a guy and girl watching a movie together is like the world’s most friend-zoned activity — what could possibly happen? We’d be staring at a TV screen! I chose Shallow Hal, made some popcorn, and waited for him to arrive.

But the second that I opened the door, I knew something was off. He was nervous, taking his time pulling off his shoes and glancing around my living room. I was eager to get the movie started, to have this experience be over so that there wouldn’t be anymore awkwardness between us. We settled in with seltzer and popcorn and then 30 minutes into the movie, he reached his hand over and grabbed my boob.

After he left, I remember racking my brain trying to figure out what had just happened. What had I done wrong? Was it the choice of movie? The fact that I made popcorn?

It’s so funny to think about now. As I dated through college, I finally gave up on the whole movie-night-as-friends notion. I really don’t think it’s possible without one person constantly wondering, “are we going to make out now?”

What do you think? Do you have a funny movie night story? I feel like everyone must…

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