Thursday evening, I made chicken pot pie and brought it over to my friend’s house. We drank wine, had dinner, and just straight chilled. A few hours later, I went home and tried to sleep, but couldn’t get comfortable. I tossed and turned and then for the next eight hours was violently ill. Thankfully, it wasn’t the dinner I made, and none of my friends got sick (how awful would that be), but there’s been a vicious stomach bug going around all winter, and I think I finally got lucky. My dad, a pediatrician in the Bronx, says a lot of kids have been throwing up. Gross, right?

I miraculously feel 200% better today, so I wanted to post a link list, which a few readers have kindly requested (so flattered, guys!). Let me know if you’d be happy to see this again next week…hope you’re all staying healthy!

Email etiquette for the super busy.

Curious to try this.

What are we going to do with all this snow?

This, apparently.

A map of NYC, if sea levels rose 100 feet.

Loving Forever21’s heritage line (I would wear this dress every day of spring, and I also love this men’s sweater).

Kickstarters have officially gotten out of hand.

How will I pay the bills?


Famous last meals.

Looooooove these bowls.

How to escape a tinder nightmare.

(Image by Rachel Woroner)

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