This past weekend, I took a cheap vacation by handing Juniper over to a friend and putting my laptop away. It was so relaxing and refreshing and kind of shocking how far away I felt from my typical weekend routine. Here are some links for your sleepy Monday morning coffee break…(p.s. So sorry to anyone who has been trying to comment and hasn’t been able to — it should be all fixed now!)

I have a MASSIVE crush on this guy.

The truth about advertisements: selling the white woman.

Damn — that’s one sexy cake.

Love this version of “All About That Bass.”

Yet another strong case for going to the movies alone.

Hahaha vs. hehehe.

I’m making these cookies this week. (!)

This Instagram account cracks me up.

Spot on advice from Polly, once again.

16 foods you can regrow from kitchen scraps (via the Kitchn).

Isn’t this dress cute?


The backwards bike that will break your brain.

Lastly, how do you sign off with emails?

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