Happy weekend, everyone! This morning I made these cream biscuits, then sat in the sun and read Sense of an Ending, which I have been really enjoying (I’m almost done though, so any book recs would be appreciated!) Next up: play time outside. Hope you’re all getting some much earned sunshine. Some links to browse through…


This would make a great coffee table book.

Holy crap, that’s a lot of caesar salad dressing.

People’s deep dark fears.

Planning on making a big batch of this for next week’s lunches.

A soothing poem.


Dogs in cars. Doesn’t that always make you smile?

A big fan of these relaxed skinny jeans.

A cool interview with my brother, Micah, and his brand ONLY.

Yes please.

30 things that are making you fat.

Great advice: let your gut lead.

(Dogs in cars via Miss Moss, image via Baker’s Royale.)

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