Hi friends!! How was your week? I’m officially really sick of cold weather, and I keep attempting to put my winter coat away, and then having to take it out again *eye roll emoji.* Do you have fun plans for the weekend? If you haven’t already, go see “Get Out.” I was worried I’d be too frightened but it’s scary in the BEST way. I was laughing and shouting through the whole thing. Hope you have a good one!! Some links…

A song for your weekend.

Come on, spring!!!

Easiest frosting ever.

What do you like about yourself? (The comments are awesome).

A fun music quiz.

Making it my mission to try to recreate this wreath for spring.

The perfect crewneck.

Made me laugh.

Hot honey shrimp would be a hit at any dinner party.

SO excited to get my hands on this book, which is getting rave reviews.

How to stop checking your phone.

Music quiz via Miss Moss. Phone link via Swiss Miss. Photo by Elliot Cooper

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