Hey guys! Happy weekend! This week flew by, didn’t it? I’m excited to head down Cape for the day to eat some tasty grub and walk on one of those long, empty beaches (I’m hoping to spot a few seals!). Hope you have a great one. Thanks as always for reading 3 Chairs! XO

Weirdly soothing and addicting website.

I just started Hot Milk and I’m LOVING it.

What makes your life meaningful?

Words to remember.

I’ve been hearing great things about Fleabag.

Haha, clever concept. I never leave a chip crumb behind!

Would you have dinner with a group of complete strangers? I love this idea.

I made this for lunch yesterday and it was INSANELY tasty.

Me. Everytime.

Fellow New Yorkers, grab your closest friend and tackle this list, please.

Photo of Mary Tyler Moore. First link via Swiss Miss.

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