Hey guys! Here are some links for your day off lounging and never getting out of pjs. Hope you’re all doing swell and successfully avoiding that winter cold that has its death grip on practically everyone and won’t let go. Big hug!

This is a little, tiny bit better.

Bring these to your next get together, become everyone’s best friend for life.

Made me laugh.

Have you heard of Glow Tonic? Apparently it does wonders for your skin.

I’ve been hooked on this true crime podcast.

Ideal winter comfort food.

Would you try out this short writing exercise in detachment?

Romance after 10 years of marriage.

I need a new show to binge-watch, and this just might be the ticket.

9 ways to stay in touch with your long distance friends.

Finally found an affordable version of peep toe boots, which I’ve been eyeing forever.

Lastly, in honor of MLK day, the “I have a Dream” speech in its entirety.

Image via Kottke

2 thoughts on “Links!

  1. Joy,

    that podcast is great, have you heard of missing and murdered: who killed alberta williams? another CBC podcast worth checking out!



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