Hey guys, how are you? I’m gearing up for a trip to NYC, and I can’t wait to see my family and make a beeline for the closest Madewell. Safe travels for anyone hitting the road this week, and sending a big hug to you all. XO. Oh, also — that sounded like a goodbye, but I’ll be posting this week!

P.S. What does your family eat for Christmas dinner? We’ve had lobster the past few years and I’m hoping for that again!

Actually, let’s not be in the moment.”

Rocks that look like faces.

7 things to do with pizza dough.

Thumbs up for this disco ball cement truck!

Have you heard of a bullet journal?

The ultimate list of crime podcasts. Yes, yes, yes!

Also — the ten best books of the year.

YUM. The newest food craze to hit NYC.

Made me laugh.

The only top you need for all those holiday parties.

What chefs buy at Trader Joe’s.

Can’t wait to watch this movie with my mom over the weekend. 🙂

Rocks link via Kottke, image via Lion & Wreath

2 thoughts on “Links!

  1. joy – thank you for introducing me to the bullet journal!! i’ve been obsessed pouring over blogs about bullet journals all weekend. just bought a notebook and some cool new pens. seriously cant stop looking at all the cool layouts. i think this may hurt my productivity rather than help it…

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