Hey guys :). Who else is super relieved it’s the weekend? With this colder, rainy weather I have been feeling l-a-z-y and plan on taking as many baths as possible. Hope you have a good one! Also, I had every intention of dressing up as a white walker for Halloween…until my laziness overcame me, haha. Anyone have a fun costume planned?

Made me laugh.

13 rules for female friendships.

Have you seen American Crime? I’m hooked.

Hearing great things about these jeans.

5 dinner recipes, each 1 paragraph long.

How to host a dinner party in a small space.

“Hello, so sorry, I stole your car.”

Happy couples post less about their relationships.

Have you listened to Solange’s new album?

Pretty watch (and the price is right).

Photo by Kelby Zimmerman

3 thoughts on “Links!

  1. I loved the 13 rules for female friendships link. Roxanne tells it how it is, and I needed to read some of those. Especially #12. Timing matters!

      • I garden with 3-4 other girls, I want to print these rules out, laminate, and post them as a reminder for healthy communication. Truthfully, my team (including me) is guilty of at least a few of the wrongs she points out. I’m probably the most introverted among them and keeping these in mind has helped the last few work days be less mentally tumultuous. Great find- thanks! Do you have “Bad Feminist” ? I can bring it for you to borrow !

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