Hey hey! How are you guys? This week flew by, and now it’s crunch time, since Kevin and I are taking off for Florida early next week. It’s supposed to be super shitty weather on the Cape, so we’re extra excited to escape for some rays and daiquiris. Also, we may venture into Miami one evening for some grub, so please leave any recommendations in the comments!

How pretty is this dress?!

Paris in two minutes.

I’ve been doing this workout at home — the trainer is so good and HILARIOUS.

A cheat sheet for leftovers.

The easiest, fastest way to clean a blender (genius).

12 kinds of kindness.

Curious to try this method for Cacio e Pepe, aka the internet’s current sensation.

Scientists have identified a universal nope face. Can you guess it?

What to do if your best friend’s boyfriend sucks.

Thinking about picking up Padma’s new memoir for the trip (my friend was raving about it last night).

Lastly, 5 tricks to reading people.

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  1. Try Radio bar on 1st Street in South Beach. There are so many creative cocktails in a really cool atmosphere. Have fun!!!

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