I woke up today and IT’S SNOW RAINING. Speaking of which, there was a hilarious moment last night at the bar where my friends and I realized we were having an extended conversation about the weather. It’s what we talk about here on the east coast.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Some links for you…

Made me smile.

A few of my friends SWEAR by this product.

What giving birth feels like. (Ahh!)

Just ordered this dress in white for spring.

That’s a good ass dog.

This just in: hot girls eating pizza.

Incredible photos of waves¬†(they’re dizzying!)

I’ve been doing these 12 ab workouts. So.¬†Hard.

An upbeat emotion that’s surprisingly good for you.

Wise advise.

This cake would win you friends at a dinner party.

Hilarious and cruel April Fool’s jokes.

Photo by Andrea Dabene

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