Hey! I thought about you guys a lot this week, and I kept wondering, how are my readers doing? What’s going on in their lives? It’s weird because I feel so close to you all, in a way, but I know nothing about you!! (and you guys know so so much about me, haha). So, if you feel like it, share something in the comments — whether it’s a new job, a friend’s engagement, a move, a broken heart, a weird dream, or even just that you had the best pizza last night — I’d love to hear, if you’re up for it. Have a wonderful weekend, and stay cozy. Some links I loved this week…

Miso mac & cheese. Yes.

The evolution of Crayola.

Such good news.

Everything at Old Navy is so cute right now!!!!

The greatest and most inspiring random acts of kindness.

This tumblr account makes me smile.

A nifty trick for keeping tulips fresh.

4 delicious ways to eat avocados for breakfast.

So cool.

Smart money advice. Noted.

Photo by Shannon Hoy. 

14 thoughts on “Links!

  1. Just got out of 3+ hours of testing (ugh ACTs!) so I’m rewarding myself with my favorite candy bar– Ritter milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts! There’s an update for you. 🙂

  2. I’ve been reading you for a while now, but never commented (obsessed with your recipe posts + the posts about your new relationship, they are so sweet and heart warming).

    I work as a lawyer and recently changed teams after a few months of sick leave. It’s so good to be away from my previous micromanaging boss and I’m starting to be excited about work again, where before I thought about quitting law. So yay! It makes dealing with my ptsd a lot more manageable as well.

    Making the miso mac&cheese tmw ^^

  3. I’ve been having a ridiculously awesome week. On Sunday, I found out my best friend is (happily) pregnant. On Tuesday, I got a great job offer. On Thursday, I went on an online date and it went really well and we’re going out again tonight.

  4. I’ve been sick all week (boo!), but I’m leaving for a mini vacation in San Francisco on Friday. 🙂 Also recently started House of Cards – and now addicted! Hope you had a lovely weekend xo

  5. Had a good day yesterday building a low bookcase with the precious help of my brother. My living room will look so much better now 🙂

  6. I’m really enjoying a rare cold snap in Florida, and have recently returned to working on an article that I ignored for all of my fall semester. It’s actually felt good to return to writing, even though it’s uncertain whether I’ll stay in academics.

  7. I actually had the most awesome pizza the other night! It was made of a fresh sour dough base 😉 oh and also may or may not have consumed a billion moon cakes for the new year!!

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