Friends! Another week, done and gone. I feel like I’m hurtling through these short days. The other night I mindlessly started chopping onions for dinner and only realized after we sat down to eat that it was barely five o-clock. Aneeway, the next week is going to be a big one, with last minute Christmas shopping, cookie baking, six holiday parties (gulp), etc etc. I know it’s a wonderful time and I know I have so much to be thankful for, but can we just take a minute to acknowledge how stressful it also is?! I hope you are all hanging in there. Sending love!

This great new NPR website curates the best podcasts.

Did you hear? Netflix made socks.

The cutest stocking stuffer.

Found: duck boots for $35 (!)

My annual Christmas read. So good.

I’ve been going through a random pink phase. Anyone?

Listening to this catchy song on repeat.

Brought me to tears.

The best rainy winter day soup in all the land.

Cottage cheese cookies sound surprisingly delicious (described as “a cross between pie crust, a biscuit, and a cookie.”)

Whale link via Miss Moss, photo by Minato

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