Happy weekend, my friends! What are your planz? Today, I’m doing some Christmas shopping from my couch, lol, and tonight we’re having Joanna (of Jo Knows fame) and her hubby over for pizza and games. It’s also been freakishly warm here, so I’ve been very uncharacteristically looking forward to jogs outside. Hope you’re having a nice weekend — see you Monday! Some links….XO

The other side of Blue Apron.

What a pretty little number.

A great stocking stuffer (my mom SWEARS by these).

Volvo ads always kill it. Remember this one?

Made me laugh.

This website calculates how long you will live. Nuts.

Making a big batch of these to hand out on Christmas.

Would you try this simple scheduling trick?

Chocolate — in American cheese form. Genius? Terrifying? Discuss.

Awesome bag.

A fascinating look at intelligence.

lastly, a pretty, twangy song for your weekend.

Image via Valscrapbook.

2 thoughts on “Links!

  1. I’m so glad you posted that link about Blue Apron. Every other blog I regularly visit is pretty much drooling over them. 🙁 This is why I trust you, Joy!

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