How was everyone’s week? Mine was kind of a bruiser, so I’ve decided to take it easy this weekend with movies and grilled cheese sandwiches and housework (bleh). The internet has been chock full of goodies recently — here are some fun links I’ve liked. See you Monday!

Siri responds to the question: what is zero divided by zero?

Two minute exercises to make you feel happier.

Love this sweet print shop.

Made me smile.

The simple power of writing down your goals.

Found! A classic tote for cheap.

The perfect summer cocktail. Mmmm.

Moving music.

Genius. Just. Genius.

17 facts that sound completely untrue (I still don’t believe some of them).

Yay or nay: the short sleeve button down.

A great little life tip.

Empathy as a choice.

Image via whiskey please

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