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How are you doing these days? What’s new? It’s all of a sudden the holidays (and sofa-king cold, as my friend Natalie texted). Kevin jokes that I’m the grinch of every holiday (it’s true but don’t ever tell him I admit that), but I actually really enjoy Christmas. There’s something about the twinkly lights and the smell of pine, and the sales, oh my god. Hahah. But in all seriousness, I can’t wait to just hang with my family for the day. We’re having lobster — a somewhat new tradition that has totally stuck, and I want to make Negronis. Do you have any family traditions?


Have you guys seen this wedding column on The Cut? After going to five weddings in the last two years, it’s fun to *brainstorm* about my own, as one does. I’ve taken note of the little things I’ve liked along the way (setting a table in memory of grandparents, offering warm pretzels as the night comes to an end, putting water and tylenol in everyone’s goodie bag), but what about taking a step back and thinking big picture? If you could get married anywhere, anyhow, what would you do? I love that this couple got married in a movie theatre, complete with tater tots, prosecco, and a blue dress. This couple took the ferry over to Governer’s Island, where they tied the knot under a DIY chuppah (with a bouquet from Trader Joe’s!), then celebrated at a beer garden.


If you’re looking for last minute gifts for friends or family, what about this adorably charming pot from IKEA? I spotted it in the store when I went last month, and it’s so cute and would brighten anyone’s day (it’s the perfect size for heating up soup or hot chocolate). It’s thoughtfully designed, too — the wooden handle doesn’t get too hot, and the enameled steel is easy to clean. For $20, it would be silly not to grab one for yourself, too 🙂


This episode of This American Life was thoroughly enjoyable. Also, I’m still obsessed with Brooke Castillo’s podcast — one episode in particular about being chronically unsatisfied made me really, really think. “What if we just knew that half of life was going to be awful,” she muses, “That there was no way around it, and the only thing we could do was embrace it?” We might as well show up, embrace it, and be the best versions of ourselves, right? Mmhm, Brooke, you’re good.


My friend, Posie, posted about a 3-ingredient potato-leek soup on Food52 recently, and I have this vision of a ladies’ night with piping soup, bread warmed in the oven, salted butter, and lots of wine. You could even be ambitious and make homemade bread — no-knead rosemary sounds delicious.


I started watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel last night (thanks, Cup of Jo, for the rec!) and it’s fun and sassy and thoroughly entertaining, kind of like if Gilmore Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show had a baby, which makes sense since it’s directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino and takes place in New York in the late 1950’s. Fun fact: it’s filmed right smack dab where I grew up on the Upper West Side!


Lastly, if there’s one thing you make this holiday season, it should be these cream biscuits, which take five minutes to whip together and are flakey, tender, and perfectly-soft-on-the-inside. Kind of the only thing you want on a chilly morning, right? They key is to mix the dough together just until it holds it shape.

Hope you have a good one! XO

6 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. I may have to give Mrs Maisel a try! I was actually walking with two friends in Washington Square Park last summer when we saw filming – lots and lots of extras in “period costumes”. We looked it up, and they were filming that show! I’m a big fan of Gilmore Girls and looking for my next show, after I finish Black Mirror.

  2. I just want to say that I loved everything you mentioned in this post! I just started Mrs. Maisel and am loving it too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  3. Setting a table in memory of grandparents – tearing up over here! I love that!

    Maybe when I move in to my new place I can have y’all over for soup, wine, and dominos night.

    SO COLD!

  4. Honestly, wedding-wise, I’d recommend elopement! We had a wedding because we felt like we were supposed to, but we still wish we’d run off to Ireland like we’d always wanted to. Just the two of us in a small church somewhere. A wedding can be a lot of stress and money and to-dos for a really short amount of time. The important part is the commitment for life. Save the money for a dream honeymoon!

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