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I saw my friend Jessica last weekend, and she now has the exact same haircut as Baby from Dirty Dancing. As we walked through Central Park with the sun shining, I couldn’t help but snap a pic. I mean, look at those ringlets!


I’ve been loving Bon Appetit’s Youtube series with test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, who is hilarious and endearing, like the funny guy at the party. What is it about a man with a scruffy beard, a sense of humor, and cooking skills that makes you want to drop your pants? No? Just me? I am SERIOUSLY crushing, you guys, I mean, just look at him (my two favorite videos: kimchi and camping).


I love realizing I need something practical because it gives me the perfect excuse to “research” that item for like, 10 hours. And the reviews, especially those incredibly quirky, thorough ones — they’re so fun to read! I’m on the hunt for two things right now: a good travel mug, and a humidifier. According to the Wire Cutter, this is the best travel mug, but I haven’t settled on a humidifier yet. This one, which is only $15, seems promising. Do you own one? Any recommendations?


My long-time friend, Kristen, recently wrote an article for Medium about restlessness in your 20’s. One resource she suggested was Work Away. Have you heard of it? It’s a cultural exchange site with thousands of opportunities around the world — you volunteer in exchange for food and a place to stay, and you can go pretty much anywhere in the world, from a yoga retreat in Jamaica, to a pomegranate farm in Israel. I spent an hour just browsing the site last night, wondering where I would go if I could pick up and go anywhere this very instant.


Lastly, if there’s one thing you bring to your Friendsgiving, it should be these famous tahini chocolate chip cookies. Everyone will ask, “Why are these the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had?” and it’s up to you whether you disclose that valuable information :).

Middle photo via Bon Appetit, bottom via Food52. 

7 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. I would NOT go with the essential oil diffuser you listed. I made the mistake of falling for it because of the price, but it doesn’t carry the smell of the oils more than a two foot radius from the machine. I never found a better one, so tuning in to the comments for that one!

    • Oooh, good to know, Katie! Do you like it otherwise? I would use it more for the misting/humidifying aspect than for the aroma oil aspect, although that’s annoying that it doesn’t do what it claims.

      • Ah! I guess I always thought a humidifier can change the moisture composition of an entire room (I may be wrong about this!) and just can’t imagine that happening with this one…but if you put it on your night stand and point it at your head that might do the trick! Depends what you’re looking for I guess 🙂

  2. Hi Joy! I don’t own a humidifier, so I can’t recommend one specifically, but I would suggest making sure the one you pick is recommended for the square footage you’re trying to humidify. That small one you linked to is really more an essential oil diffuser than it is a humidifer, and with a 100mL capacity I doubt it would humidify much more than a closet 😉

    • ha! thanks, Camille. I think you’re right! I was planning on putting it next to my bed, but I don’t want to feel like steam/mist is just blowing right next to me. My room is so incredibly dry!

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