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Hey guys! Thank you so much for the comments on last week’s post. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive group of readers. You guys are the best! I’m settling into NYC (made it! yay!) but in the meantime wanted to play a little catch up. Starting with…

One Minute Lunch Hacks

Did you know Trader Joe’s has precooked lentils in the salad section? If you mix their lentils with some feta and a container of their fresh Bruschetta, you have a delicious and filling lunch in 1 minute. Once I start my new job I plan on living on this easy lunch, which goes well with crackers, pita bread or some avocado. What do you pack for easy weeknight lunches?

Third Love Bras

The bra company has been getting buzz for their well-fitted bras and excellent customer service. Also, their marketing is POWERFUL. I’m never one to really splurge on bras, but after seeing their ad pop up for the one billionth time on my Facebook page and Instagram feed (you too, right?), I decided to try it out. They have you fill out an in-depth, kind of funny questionnaire about your boobs and the fit of your current bras, and then they send you a bra with the size they think you are (the whole premise being, you’ve been wearing the wrong bra size your whole life). I’ve always been a trusty 34b, but Third Love was convinced I was a 36A 1/2. The bra came in the mail, I tried it on and…it was a little too small (half a cup size too small, to be exact). The quality was nice, but I kept returning to the same thought: if I tried this bra on at a store, without their convincing marketing attached, would I be compelled to buy it? Probably not. So, I shipped the bra back. By the way, the whole experience, in the end, cost me $2.99. But it should be clearer: you pay up front for shipping, plus they put a temporary charge on your credit card for the amount of the bra, ($68). If you decide to keep it, they go forward with the entire charge. If you send it back like I did, the charge disappears in a week. This all being said, maybe I would have loved it if I had gotten the right size and a sexier style (I opted for the simple t shirt bra). But I’ve also had a lot of luck with Aerie bras, which are affordable, never dig or poke and are practical for day to day use; I wear this one nearly every day. Where do you buy your bras?

Shaving Tip

While I was on Nantucket for a bachelorette weekend this summer, one of the girls shared a tip: she shaves her legs with shampoo. She said you can get a closer shave that way because it’s not as a thick as shaving cream. I’ve been shaving with shampoo ever since and I swear by it; I think it even makes my legs softer!


Speaking of weddings, my friend Zia had us all wear black jumpsuits. We could pick out our own, plus shoes and accessories. I loved how it looked — I felt like we were all powerful, bad ass business women. Here’s a pic if you want to see 🙂

Reading and Watching

Lastly, I love when you guys share what books you’re reading and what shows/movies you’re watching. I’m currently reading Roxane Gay’s memoir, Hunger, which is as intense as it is luminous, touching, and real. Next on my list is How to Fall in Love with Anyone. In terms of shows, I enjoyed The Sinner (although I had super mixed feelings about the final unraveling of events — anyone watch?), the first two seasons of The Fall, the newest season of Transparent (SO good), and movies I’ve enjoyed include Moonlight and Kubo and the Two Strings (cute movie for a sick day!). Next on my queue is Love and Friendship and Sing Street. Your turn!

Big hug, and hope you have a great week. XO

Top photo by me; middle via Trader Joe’s, legs by Dara Muscat.

6 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Re: bras. I recently did an at-home fitting using the beginner’s guide from A Bra That Fits on Reddit and ordered a bunch of suggested models on Amazon (you can find crazy deals on really expensive lingerie brands, plus returns are free). I finally found a brand (Panache, for me), a size and a few models that fit perfectly. I have to say it is life-changing! I encourage you to go through the process — take all those crazy measurements (standing, leaning, tight, snug, etc), find out your shape, and look at the recommended models for your size/shape. Here’s the link if you would like :

    Also, congrats on braving your fears and moving to NYC! There is never a perfect time for anything, so good job on making it happen no matter what 🙂

  2. Joy, congrats on the move to NYC! I’m excited to see what’s next for you! I recently ordered a couple of bras from Lively, and so far I like them–they’re attractive and incredibly affordable. Here’s a link if anyone is interested in checking them out: For more of a splurge, I like the Natori Lace Feathers bra that everyone raves about on the Nordstrom website. They’re pretty and super comfortable, which is a win:

    Right now I’m reading Magpie Murders and it’s so much fun, especially for anyone who loves the mystery genre. But Hunger is on my list of books I want to read. You are going to love Love and Friendship–it’s hilarious!

    Finally, you look so fantastic in your jumpsuit, it almost convinces me I need one in my life. If you have recommendations on brands you like, I’d love to hear them.

    • Ooooo Jessica, Lively looks great, and definitely more in my price range :D. Also good find on the Natori bras! I am way more likely to buy something if it has 2,000 glowing reviews, ha – I like how its sexy but not too much for every day wear.

      I think you do need a black jumpsuit in your life! I actually planned on returning mine (I kept the tags on the whole night of the wedding, lol) but then ended up keeping it because I realized I can always throw it on for any slightly more formal event/party etc and be good to go. I found mine on the Nordstrom Rack website, but I’ve also seen cute ones on Asos, Nordstrom, and sometimes even Forever 21. French Connection also usually has some beautiful ones (for a steeper price). Hope this helps!! XO

  3. Can’t believe you’re here already!!! Thanks for the tip on the aerie bras, they’re on sale now–totally a sucker for no underwire so will probably be ordering later tonight lol. I’ve been in a deep hole of Private Practice (never seen it before!) and of course, This Is Us just started up again (*obsessed* *all the feels*). xo

  4. True and Co. is my FAVORITE for bras. Affordable and so comfy. HMU if you decide to buy so I can send you a discount code!

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