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How have you guys been? The past month has been a blur — I actually felt a little out of sorts, but couldn’t quite pin down why — was it the change in seasons? Hormones? Adjusting to a new home? I drove myself a little nuts trying to pinpoint it, but I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, and it’s a relief (this app is really, really making a difference).

And it hasn’t all been tough: my two roommates from college visited me for a weekend, and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. There’s something about college friends; they’ve seen you grow, date that awful guy, wear that questionable outfit, make the worst (and in hindsight, the most hilarious), of mistakes.


We reminisced, and baked, and walked through the leafy streets, and on a chilly afternoon took a little trip to Martha’s Vineyard. P.S. Please feel free to take note of my paw-printed, heart-adorned fleece robe.


I definitely moped around for a few days after they left.


In other news, tortilla pizza still remains the best thing since sliced bread…

And these breakfast muffins are delish toasted and smeared with almond butter.

IMG_3753 (1)

Lastly, Kevin and I got our tree last weekend — very exciting. I was one of those kids that spent the days leading up to Christmas scouring the house for hidden presents, so he’s been warned. : )



O.K people — Monday…let’s do this thing. XO

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