Life Lately

Here’s a mindf*** if there ever was one: IT’S AUGUST 24TH. Why is it that each summer seems to go by faster than the last, but winter (oh you cute winter, you) is always shitty and never-ending?

This month was a flash of muggy days, walks through the woods, seafood pasta, nekked babies, an unexpectedly great Old Navy find, and the best discovery: a wee blackberry bush in my front yard. It has become a new tradition to visit every morning and pick a ripe berry for my granola. It makes me gleefully happy (they’re good, too! Juicy and sweet!)





Have a great Monday, everyone — we can do it!

4 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Tell me about it! I want to press ‘stop’ to make summer last longer… we picked blackberries too recently. I’m SO undomesticated so Dan made jam with them and it’s so tasty. Probably healthier to put them on granola like you do though.

  2. my friends and I joke that every time summer comes around, all that we planned to do never ends up happening haha! and winter in nyc was brutal last year..): WINTER IS COMING

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