Let’s Talk About ‘Serial’

You guys have been listening to Serial, right?

When I first started listening, I was hooked. I binge listened to the first six episodes and COULDN’T WAIT for the next one (they’re released every Thursday). I had heated debates with friends about whodunnit. I was convinced one week that it was definitely Jay. Then I was certain it was Adnan.

But, at the end of the day, I’ve realized — it doesn’t matter to me who did it. I’m not listening to find out who the killer is, I’m listening because it’s fascinating to think about all the why’s, all the how’s, and especially, the twisted, complicated human psychology behind it all.


According to this article, the fact that I’m not listening with a “need for closure” (NFC), is insight into the kind of person I am. And if you’re shocked that I’m not listening to find out who the killer is, that’s insight into who you are, too. “People with lower NFC can learn more and more and more about a subject without forming an opinion on it ” the article states, and “this state of cognitive limbo doesn’t bother them — while people with higher NFC are likely to form opinions more quickly. Your friend who can open up an unfamiliar menu and figure out what he wants for dinner in five seconds? Probably high in NFC. Your friend who is still perusing with a furrowed brow as the waiter starts taking everyone else’s orders? Probably low.” <– BINGO. If you’ve been reading 3 Chairs, then you know that’s me, in a nut shell.

So, I’ll continue listening to Serial, but I’m curious how listeners are feeling about it these days. Anyone getting super frustrated? Will it be a huge let down if the ending is essentially: “we may never know who did it”?

top image of Sarah Koenig by Elise Bergerson for the Rolling Stone, second image from vocativ.

One thought on “Let’s Talk About ‘Serial’

  1. Loved Serial, too! I am definitely a low NFC. I wondered if the popularity of the podcast was just a symptom of people’s need for more than just soundbites from media- a need for in-depth reporting. I think now it’s probably just that most people wanted to know who did it. Still, I am bummed it’s over!

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