Learning As I Go

Last week was so shitty. My friend likes to say, “mercury is in retrograde!” but it was more than mercury. There were big, shitty things, and then there were small shitty things that made the big things feel shittier. At my lowest point, I was sitting on my kitchen floor, stunned.

I have survived. And not only did I survive, I learned. Here’s why…

I’ve always dreamt of being a boss. Of being a good boss, the kind of boss who’s thoughtful, clear, and strong-minded. So in the middle of last week, when I felt frustrated and overwhelmed, instead of letting those feelings really take hold of me, I asked myself instead, “what would Joy the boss do? How would she handle this?” It ended up being so helpful, and my perspective completely shifted on things. (Joy the boss was calm, assertive, and confident. She said things to me like, ‘well, let’s tackle this one step at a time,’ and, ‘how can we make sure this doesn’t happen again?). So despite having a totally crummy week, at the end of it I felt empowered, and even a little wise. I came out of it thinking, I did what I could do, and I did the right things. 


It was such a good feeling. I think this is what they’re talking about when they say, “you grow so much in your 20’s.

3 thoughts on “Learning As I Go

  1. oh Joy – good for you. I also had a terrible week, so I feel your pain. But I haven’t figured out how to solve my problems yet, or how to be a boss in the face of some challenging professional scenarios. All I’ve figured so far is to have a hot bath when I get home – it might just do for now.

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