It’s Winter.

Here’s the thing about winters on Cape Cod: everyone disappears.

I’ve found the sudden shortening of daylight to be jarring and sad. It’s dark at 4:30, and then everyone retreats into their homes. Stores close (the coffee shop in town closes at freaking 3 o’clock!). Dinner is served promptly at 5 because what else are you going to do? It’s not like New York, where the lights stay on, and people are out, and you have this general sense that although it feels like 10pm, it isn’t actually 10pm.

I have been fighting with myself to stay up past 8pm. “You’re twenty four,” I say as I brush my teeth, “You can’t go to bed at 8:23. You just can’t.” But I put my sweatpants on. And then I crawl into bed with my laptop to finish my work. You know how this ends.

I don’t know how to fight the darkness. I’ve tried turning all the lights on, making plans after 6pm and steering clear of sleepy time tea. But it’s been a real struggle over here. How are you guys doing it?

11 thoughts on “It’s Winter.

  1. haha, last night I lit a fire, made roast pork loin, and drank red wine while watching a movie. then….i got in bed at 8:18. so I am just not fighting it. I figure I’ll force myself to stay out til 3AM a few times soon to balance it all out.

  2. ugh i feel that feel. forcing myself to eat dinner around 6:30 or 7, no earlier, does help, since i don’t usually want to pass out immediately after eating. i do some of my work after dinner, but if you don’t want to do that, it helps to have a hobby! embroidery 😉 or knitting or any kind of art. exercise is great, too — i’ve been more motivated to do it at night ever since the clocks fell back since it’s a way of coping with the darkness and reclaiming some of that lost energy.

      • i schedule it. that is the ONLY WAY i do it. it obviously helps a lot when there are gym classes that i can’t be late to, but even if not, if i plan all day to get to the gym at 6:30, it’s so much easier to rally when i start to get lazy around sundown.

  3. Yeah…I’m not fighting it either. It’s tough to make it past 8:30. One evening (afternoon, actually I guess), I busied myself starting dinner and glanced at the clock and it was 4:45! Eeek! I never have liked the fall time change, but this year it seems to be really getting to me (and everyone I talk to)! My mom challenges herself to read until at least 9:30 and it works for her – but nothing puts me to sleep faster than trying to read after dark.

    • reading might be better than blinking at my laptop screen, though! and i can’t count the number of times i’ve sat down to eat dinner at 5:15 and then realized AFTER the fact that it was super early. 🙂

  4. I so appreciate coming across this blog today and specifically this post. I live in Northern NH and wrestle the same quandaries about darkness this time of year. November 1st I made a commitment to get outside everyday until the light comes back for at least 20 minutes. I’ve slipped a few days but by enlarge stuck to it. On ideal days that looks like a xcountry ski or a run and when life gets busy I go for a walk down the street with a friend or in the woods behind my house. It is amazing how much 20 minutes in the light can do for your outlook on this season of dark, quiet reflection.

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