In Which I Tackle My First DIY Project

Here’s the thing: up until very recently, I could not be bothered by the DIY corner of the internet. I would skim over “before and after” posts, and gawk at projects that looked, as my friend would say, straight bananas. But, this past weekend, I was itching to start a little project of my own, so I poked around my house until something stood out: a small accent table that was worn and yard-sale ready. It desperately needed a makeover.


On Friday, I googled “how to paint furniture” (not kidding), and then stopped by the store and picked up supplies — paint, a brush, and sandpaper. Picking out the color gave me a rush: I knew I wanted something dark blueish green, and Fish Tale stuck out almost right away. Funnily enough, the salesman who helped me said people are usually drawn to one color right away, and it’s often the one they end up choosing, after lots of hemming and hawing.


Back home, I gave the table a sanding, then wiped it down with a damp wash cloth. I let it dry, then applied my first coat. This is what the table looked like before…


Note: I meant to take progress photographs but totally got in the zone and forgot! The end result….


Overall, a great success. There one only minor mishap: when I started painting, the paint was going on streaky, so in a panic I painted on too many coats without letting each layer dry first. It looked goopy as it dried and I was worried I’d have to fix it in some way. Thankfully, it looks fine now, and you wouldn’t notice, but a word to the wise: when you paint furniture, apply thin, even coats and give plenty of time to let each one dry (like you would painting your nails).


In total, this project cost just 10 dollars. I even have leftover paint, and I’m already snooping around for what I can DIY next…

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