In Search of the Best Jeans

You guys. For the longest time, this blog post was in my drafts folder entitled, “Found! The Best Jeans!” but I have given up a month later because I. CAN’T. FIND. THEM. So, I am enlisting your help once again

What are your all time favorite pair of jeans? Where are they from? Why do you love them? What style are you going for these days; high-rise, ultra-skinny, destructed boyfriend? Madewell has been my trusty go-to for jeans in the past few years and I love their denim-made-to-last feel but I’m wondering if there’s another option out there that isn’t so pricy?! (The newer companies DSTLD and Mott & Bow both intrigue me).

If anyone has found the perfect jeans that tuck in the right places, maintain their shape and stay slim while still being comfy enough for dinner out, PRAY TELL!

P.S. I’d also love to know if anyone has tried the buzzed-about “wedgie” jeans from Levi’s! I’m afraid they’d go up to my under-boob 🙂


Top photo via Adenorah. Illustration by Nina Cosford.

8 thoughts on “In Search of the Best Jeans

  1. My new favorite jeans are the Paige carter slim. I’ve been searching for a pair of boyfriend style jeans that don’t look like I’m swimming in them, and these are perfect. They are straight leg and the ripped version. They stretch out as you wear them for the perfect loose fit. Expensive though, retailed over $200 but I’ve seen it on sale for under $100! Seriously try them!

  2. The AGs I bought as a splurge stretch WAY too much, even though I followed the salesperson’s advice and bought them suuuuuuper tight. Obviously not indicative of all AG jeans, but I guess my takeaway from that was that perfect jeans should have little to no stretch. I love my DSTLD jeans like whoa. They’re forgiving but really hold their shape.

  3. my fav jeans are wrangler’s!! they’re usually cheap as chips on ebay, and I just look for men’s in a high-waisted almost ‘mom’ like jeans 😉

  4. I recently got some AG jeans that I love (The Prima, mid-rise cigarette). I see this is a repetitive brand in your responses, but here is my rationale- The material. is. insane. Tight but stretchy, so you can wear it to dinner and fit a bowl of pasta in.

  5. Jeans can be the hardest things. I have many melt downs trying to find the right jean. A good friend of mine a while ago encouraged me to check out resale and thrift stores for jeans. Her theory was that all the stores you run around to trying to find jeans, you can find at the resale store. I find her statement to be true. However I can not always find jeans that are my size and end up buying other things I might not need but it is a good place to start. I also love Levi’s 711, and I can usually find them on sale!

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