I Want This Treehouse In My Backyard

True story: this past fall, my boyfriend and I stayed in an itty bitty cabin in the woods and I died. I had imagined that it would be romantic and fun — but I got the worst allergies of my life, and I alternated between being sweating hot and shivering cold. Plus, it was late fall in New Hampshire, so in the middle of the night temperatures dropped to below zero (maybe I’m exaggerating but I don’t think I am), and stepping outside to pee in the frigid, pitch-dark woods was as far away from romantic and fun that I could have ever imagined.

tree house 2

Having had that experience, I now look at dreamy cabin photos and have panicky flashbacks. LIES. I think. All lies. 

BUT this treehouse looks so magical and relaxing that I’ve decided I shouldn’t completely discount future cabin adventures. Maybe all it takes is extra Benadryl, a wool sweater and a huuuge bottle of something strong.

tree house 3

Apparently, architect Peter Bahouth designed these three connected tree houses in his “backyard.” No big deal! How ideal would it be to spend Sunday afternoons tucked away in your secret treehouse?

See more images of the treehouse here. Photos by Lindsay Appel.

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