I Miss Obama.

I just randomly stumbled on this episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and Obama and MAN did it make me miss the guy. Some things that come out of his mouth throughout the interview:

“I do really well with the 0 to 8 demographic. They love me. Partly because I think my ears are big.”

On food he can’t get enough of: “Nachos. That’s one of those where I have to have it taken away. I’ll have guacamole coming out of my eyeballs.”

“It’s not cool, generally, wandering around in my underwear.”

On sleeping in the White House the first night: “It’s not like a hotel room, so you’re looking around thinking, ‘what the hell is this?'”

On golfing with Larry David: “He lathers himself with sunscreen. It’s dripping and caked white all over and catches parts of his ears and there’s big globs of it.”

Doesn’t it feel like another lifetime that he was our President? Big sigh. Miss you, O.

One thought on “I Miss Obama.

  1. I miss him terribly. The intellect, the thoughtfulness, the sense of humor – I could go on and on. Can’t muster one trait I admire in the current guy, and in all fairness, I have tried…

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