How to Stay in Touch With Friends

I am epically bad at keeping in touch. I don’t think it’s unusual for someone my age, but I still think it’s unacceptable. Why can’t I just stay in touch? WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT WRITING A LETTER? It’s a vicious cycle, too — if I’ve gone too long without reaching out to a friend, I start to feel really guilty, and then the guilt eats away at me and convinces me that it’s too late.

This morning, though, my friend Rémy was telling me about how she stays in touch with a friend by sending emails to one another every three months. They take turns sharing their updates — she literally schedules it in, so it’s something fun to look forward to every couple of months. Isn’t that a good idea? I’m trying to remind myself that when a friend I haven’t heard from in awhile sends me a message, I’m always thrilled, no matter how long it’s been. So I’m going to reach out to a few friends today!

P.S. Apologies for my absence yesterday — I am completely wiped out by summer allergies!

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2 thoughts on “How to Stay in Touch With Friends

  1. I’m exactly the same way. I’m a much better “proximity” friend (a topic I’m planning to explore on my blog soon) — I have so many friends scattered around, but keeping in touch?…. it’s tough, unless we happen to be in the same place.

    A friend of mine (living in Brooklyn – I’m in LA), makes a point to send a small package out to her closest girlfriends from high school once a year — nothing crazy! Just like a pound of her favorite local coffee, or maybe even a pair of earrings she thinks we’ll all love. Even with that tinge of guilt that can creep up about not calling or texting, it’s a way to say “I’m thinking of you girls.”

    That way it also prompts an immediate – albeit brief – check in from me/us to say “thanks!!” and “how are you?!??” I’ve been thinking of adopting something similar. Who doesn’t love getting a small package in the mail, especially from dear friends?

    • Kim,

      I really love the idea of sending a small annual package to close friends. It’s true — receiving a surprise something in the mail always makes me so happy, no matter how small! I think I’m going to do it. Thanks for the tip!!

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