How to Feel Better in Five Minutes

Step 1​: Draw a bath. Alternately, pour a glass of wine. Put your feet up.

Step 2: Open Instagram.

Step 3: Begin scrolling through your feed. For any photo that doesn’t make you smile, or peek your interest, or warm your heart, or inspire you, or remind you that you are good and kind, or make you die laughing — click on the user, click on the little person icon next to “Message,” then click “Unfollow.”

Step 4: Repeat.

Seriously. I want to call this a life hack because it is one of those small, relatively easy things that has made a big impact on the quality of my life. This sounds ridiculous, but think about how often you’re on Instagram (if you’re like me, you check it compulsively throughout the day), and how many thoughts you have based on the content you scroll through. I realized the other week that I *actually* don’t need to torture myself by looking at photos that make me feel lesser than — financially, physically, emotionally, romantically. Of course, it’s worth noting that the reactions and thoughts I have to certain photos are entirely my own. People aren’t often posting photos with the intention of causing these thoughts (at least not consciously), but I guess I just feel now that if I can eliminate them by the click of a button, then I might as well go to town.

Thoughts? Do you unfollow people on Instagram? (Are you constantly on Instagram, or have you opted out?). What little things make you feel better when it comes to social media? Would love to know…XO

3 thoughts on “How to Feel Better in Five Minutes

  1. Yes!! I haven’t done this with Instagram yet, but with Facebook, I love that you can just “mute” anybody! All of a sudden, Facebook is great for me! It’s just the activism/mom/interest groups I’m part of, plus a few select friends and extended family I want to know about.

  2. Amen! I try to be ruthless about my Instagram feed. It is my preferred social media space but the stories especially can be overwhelming. People I only sorta like get unfollowed and then I can check in if/when I remember. Less social media -> more reading/creating/cooking/connecting.

  3. I actually deleted Instagram because I felt this way (and that I was being sold something on EVERY post, and sponsored post by IG!), and now I only look at it on the desktop version, which is very rare. Huge quality of life increase!

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