How to Camp if You’re Not Sure You Like Camping

Camping is one of those things; people either love it, or they don’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. But I actually didn’t know where I stood when Kevin and I decided to go on our own little camping trip a few weeks ago — I grew up camping with my family as a kid, but I’ve never gone as an adult. I’m semi outdoors-y, but I’m also a homebody. Would I love it or hate it?

Well the verdict, people, is in. I totally, completely enjoyed myself. Here are a few photos…

The island we went to, Washburn Islands, has 10 campsites, and is only accessible by boat, making it feel like miles and miles away from home.


We only went for one night, and it ended up being the perfect amount of time for a newbie camper like myself. I read, waded in the water, sipped wine…

And then Kevin whipped out a s’mores trick…


(He was totally in his element. It was hot).

If you assemble the s’mores over the fire, the whole thing gets toasty and the chocolate completely melts. It’s delicious.

For dinner we had steak and corn, and I brought a tiny container of simple vinaigrette to pour over grilled veggies.


We put a bandana on Juniper for easy spotting. She was in heaven:)


Such a fun night away. Anyone have any camping trips coming up? Or any places on the east coast they would recommend? I’d love to try Maine next.

6 thoughts on “How to Camp if You’re Not Sure You Like Camping

  1. Is that an air mattress? Looks like glamping to me. Definitely looks fun though.. I think I would call it good with one night.. I like my hot showers 🙂

  2. I go glamping with my best friend’s family and her sister and I love it. Everyone does a double take when I say I am going camping (I guess I don’t seem the type). We each are responsible for a meal: I make Korean marinated shortribs (thank goodness for Ziploc bags) and chap chae when it’s my turn. The smell of the meat cooking over wood is amazing. And love the smores trick: we’re going to try nutella this year because the toasted marshmallow doesn’t melt the Hershey bar…but your trick looks awesome!

  3. OMG This looks amazing! I don’t live too far away; I’m in Weymouth on the South Shore and would love for my family to camp there! I went on the campsite’s website and it says you have to take your own private boat. I’m hoping you will tell me that you can pay someone to boat you over if you don’t have your own? I hope, I hope, I hope…..:)

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