How Are You Feeling (Really)?

How are you feeling these days? This recent article in the New York Times really spoke to me because I’ve definitely been feeling something recently, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint it…

“In psychology, people with finely tuned feelings are said to exhibit “emotional granularity.” When reading about the abuses of the Islamic State, for example, you might experience creeping horror or fury, rather than general awfulness. When learning about climate change, you could feel alarm tinged with sorrow and regret for species facing extinction. Emotional granularity isn’t just about having a rich vocabulary; it’s about experiencing the world, and yourself, more precisely.

It feels like just yesterday I was talking about career moves and transitions, and yet, to my despair, I still sit in the middle of this all-too-familiar crappy cocktail of feelings; of angst and confusion, of “what am I doing with my life” and “what will I do with my life,” — just the general sensation of being lost in your 20’s. But after reading that article, it hit me; the strongest emotion, the one that seems to follow me around these days, is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what’s to come. I’m 26, and I’m afraid! It’s been freeing, in a way, to pinpoint that emotion and look it in the face.

So, with emotional granularity in mind, how are you all feeling these days? Can you pinpoint the exact emotion? If you’re up for it, please share!

Photo by my friend, Jessica.

3 thoughts on “How Are You Feeling (Really)?

  1. Honestly, really emotional and kind of lonely. Actually I haven’t felt like that for a long time and it just hit me now! I’m also 26 so I get you 🙂

  2. Sadness. Just lost my sweet dog, Lucky. What if there is no afterlife and I never see his beautiful face again. What if there is an afterlife and his soul is lost out there-not being able to find its way home. What if he wasn’t ready to go and we jumped the gun. What if this grief never ends.

    • I am so, so sorry to hear that, Eileen. I can’t imagine the grief you are going through right now, and how overwhelmed you must feel. Thank you for your vulnerable and honest comment — I am sending my love to you and sweet Lucky. xo

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