UGH! Sorry guys — I felt a little off last week and so freakin’ tired, I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything to write about (the two posts I came up with that are sitting in draft form are “Everything is Stupid” and “Is it Friday Yet?”). I’m not sure if it was the erratic weather or winter blues, but I hope you’ll forgive me for the absence. I will have some good stuff soon, promise :). In the meantime, a few random things…

Flowers in the bathroom. Is it weird? I’m digging it.

I liked this article about having “medium” talk versus small talk…

“In small-talk situations, we’re accustomed to the frictionless exchange of facts and pleasantries. To nudge a conversation briefly toward the darker side of things is to force both participants to get real for a second, to actually engage with someone despite the fleeting nature of the exchange.”


On another note, I’ve resisted the trend for so long but I might give in this spring. Jeans + Converse = cool girl. I just want to be a cool girl!

Lastly, how to fold up a bag of chips without a clip. Does this actually work?!

Hope you are all well! XO

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