Help! What’s Your Favorite Lotion?

It’s so dry in my house these days that I feel like my skin is baking. I’ve been good about exfoliating this winter, but there’s one thing that’s been lacking in my routine: a really good body lotion. I’ve tried that natural brand from CVS that’s called something carrots (eat your carrots?), and shea butter, but I wasn’t crazy about either one. I’ve considered using body oil (this one looks promising, even though it’s technically for pregnant women) or body butter — but really, all I need is to feel like the skin on my legs isn’t going to fall off.

Recommendations, anyone? I love using Alba body lotion in the summer because it isn’t at all greasy, but at this point, I wonder if grease is actually what I need to keep my skin hydrated. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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22 thoughts on “Help! What’s Your Favorite Lotion?

  1. My dermatologist suggests using CeraVe cream or Cetaphil Cream. Shower, light towel off and use all over body. At night use again without shower. It is a miracle for the skin. Cream is better than lotion.

  2. Cetaphil — both the lotion and the cream. It’s my standby, I’ve used it for years. I get bored periodically and try something else but I always go back. Aveeno is good too.

  3. I’ve searched over the last 5 years since I moved to the Northeast, to cure the cracks in my knuckles! My favorites are:

    $$$ = L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream
    $$ = Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector
    $ = Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion

  4. Weleda Skin Food Cream is amazing if you have dry hands, which I always do during the winter! The other thing to use once in a while is real Aloe Vera, from the actual plant. It works like magic on my skin. It’s been so dry around here, that even my eyes feel dry – and I don’t wear contacts!

  5. I also need a different summer and winter! Trader Joes Coconut body butter is A-MAZING for the wintertime – its thick and luxurious and protective.
    My hands are another story – crazy, crazy dry. For them and elbows and knees I use Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve. Nothing beats it and I notice a dramatic difference if I stop using it for a day or two. It lasts forever and really, really protects and prevents grandma hands.

  6. At the beginning of the winter I bought Shea Butter from Christmas Tree Shops, it isn’t anything special but it gets the job done. BUT! when you take baths straight up toss 2-3 Tbs. of coconut oil in there. It’s amazing. If you do your exfoliating at the same time, you can hear your skin thanking you.

  7. The list of what I have tried is long and I’ve got a few drug store standbys but if you really want to heal things, this stuff works.

    My brother who works with his hands outside in all kinds of weather recommended it after my son got a burn on his finger. It healed that burn and now I use it every night. It is NOT a fancy lotion and doesn’t have a fancy smell but gets the job done.

    And you can use it on Juniper!

  8. I’ve started a daily dose of vitamin E (gel caps) and it seems to be helping, especially with hair and scalp… and aveeno on the skin and face, spf 15. Xox

  9. Cera Ve all the way! And for really really dry skin try Amlactin. It smells a little weird when you put it on but the scent fades quickly. Really good to use before going to bed.

  10. I’ve worked for a natural food retailer for last few years and it has enabled me to try some of the cleanest and high end skin care products on the market…but! What I have found to work best this winter is the “un-petroleum jelly” from alba mix with a few drops of peppermint oil. The alba un-petroleum is thick and uses castor seed oil, a very strong emollient. The menthol in the peppermint acts as a topical analgesic and will help to stop the itching. It feels cool and tingly too! Plus you’ll smell minty fresh 😀

  11. As a few other mentioned, I highly recommend Cetaphil cream-the one in the tub. I have dry skin year round and it only gets worse in the winter. My dermatologist also recommends using a scrub once a week to slough off the dry skin cells. I’ve used a few different ones-I currently use one from Aveda (Smoothing Body Polish) that I really like but have used some drug store ones that work well too.

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